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PLEASE NOTE, we are still working on this recording, even though we originally targeted October 2018 as our delivery date. We will still honor all Perks when the project is ready to release, and will contact all donors when we have a better target delivery date! Sorry for the delay!

We are reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble, a 10-voice, auditioned chamber group that is choir-in-residence at Lynnwood, Washington’s Trinity Lutheran Church. Our goal is to explore the art of choral singing, to design creative connections to engage the heart of our human family, and to celebrate the song within each of us.

We don’t just want to make music, we want our music to encourage social justice through awareness, understanding, openness, and hope. Our most recent recording project, Reformed & Reforming, focuses on the fact that we believe the current church is struggling to navigate a way toward more openness, more inclusion, less judgment, and more love.


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Update: we will keep this donation site open, with same "Perks" as listed below

Our composer-in-residence, Michael Austin Miller, along with our director, Stephen Marshall-Ward, wrote From Death to New Life: a Requiem, a 40-minute work that had its premiere performance in October of 2017 on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's Reformation. We are ready to record this incredible work and will be joined by the Skyros Quartet, George Steward, Trumpeter, Steve Thoreson, Tenor, and Andrew Marshall, Sound Healer.

In addition to recording the entire Requiem, we will add two other shorter pieces that we love and are excited to share with you, Lord Jesus Christ, Pierce My Soul With Your Love, by Stephen Marshall-Ward, and The Hands of God, written by Michael Austin Miller.

To do this project well, we need to raise $8,000.

In the same way that Martin Luther listed his indictments against the Pope of his day, this Requiem addresses five indictments against the current Church – not a specific congregation or denomination but the whole of the Christian Church worldwide. For centuries, the Church has marginalized entire groups of people in favor of its dogma. 

We believe the time has come to strongly encourage the shift that is already happening. This work proposes how God might be showing a better way. A theme embraced in this Requiem is that when we as humans get it wrong, God is always there to show a better way. By recording this new major work, we will allow many more people to hear these powerful messages for the Church today: messages of more openness, more inclusion, less judgment, and more love.


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